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At Surpass Nutrition, our mission is to provide high quality supplements to those in pursuit of health & fitness so that they can Surpass the Ordinary.

Give the Gift of Nutrition

It’s that time of year when our celebrations tend to include gift giving and making resolutions for the coming new year. Usually we are busy making lists of things to buy and things to do, mixed in with a dozen different social events. It gets a little crazy, and here at Surpass Nutrition, we understand.

This year has been a year of development and changes for our team. We updated our packaging, added new product to our lineup, refreshed our website and stepped up our social media presence. Our Customer Service Director, Krista Myers took her first bikini competition win this year. We’ve added some new associates and launched our first print campaign featuring our own Lisa Teresa. Not only that, but we’ve also put together a great group of stacks to help you meet your fitness goals.

Right now, with everyone focused on trying to stay healthy through the tempting holiday season, we’ve been working on helping our clients plan, prepare and Surpass the Ordinary with our Weight Loss Stack. This combo brings together three of our favorite products: Thermo Igniter, CLA 1000 and our MultiVitamin. By combining these products, you attack fat deposits, boost energy and get the additional nutritional support you need to meet your weight loss goals.

As you start thinking about the new year, and prepping for those 2017 competitions, we invite you to try our Muscle Stack. This combo was developed to help you build lean muscle mass, boost energy and handle post-workout repair and recovery. It brings together our special three-creatine blend Tri-Density that skips the loading phase to help you build lean muscle mass fast, while promoting strength and endurance. To provide additional nutritional support, we’ve combined it with our ISO Lean pure whey protein isolate and our MultiVitamins, which feature a proprietary blend of 42 fruits and vegetables.

The great thing about nutrition, is everyone is always looking to find what works. At Surpass Nutrition, our number one priority is quality. Our products are made in the USA in a GMP facility. We do not use unnecessary fillers, but instead focus on formulating our products to get real results. We hope you’ve seen the positive addition to your fitness regimen, and this season why not give that gift to others. How many of the friends and family on your shopping list have mentioned looking for ways to improve their health? Give them a boost this season with the gift of nutrition.

Check out everything Surpass Nutrition has to offer available online at We’ll have some great offers going on this month and be sure to check out our new shaker bottles, available online for the first time. No matter what your fitness goals are this coming year, at Surpass Nutrition, our goal is to help you Surpass the Ordinary now and into the future. §

Plan. Prepare. Surpass.

The holidays can be an intimidating time for those of us working on our physique. All that yummy food, and event after event that conflict with workout schedules. We’re here to reassure you that it is possible to train like a beast without becoming one during the season.
First, make sure you have a plan. As the old saying goes, failure to plan is a surefire plan to fail. Pull out your calendar (or your phone, because that’s where your calendar lives now) and start scheduling. Schedule in every event: office party, in-laws, school activities, shopping ~ if it needs done, write it down. Now, start scheduling in your meal and workouts like they are events. Office party at 6:00 – then workout is at 5:00, leaving enough time to shower and drive to the event. Put in alarms for meals, workouts, etc. Remember that if you must deviate from the plan, which you occasionally will since this is real-life, it’s ok. Schedule in an extra workout ahead of time, so if you have to miss one, you already have plans to make it up. If you don’t miss it, you’ve just given yourself some extra time to relax (or probably get that last-minute gift you forgot).
Now that you have a plan, prepare to execute it. If the calendar says cookie day at Grandma’s on Saturday, build in some time Friday night to prepare a few healthy snacks to see you through the fun. This way you can join in the fun, but you have some alternative choices that are easy to access. Next challenge: the mall. All that time wandering from store to store, contemplating the right gift you’re your mother and your co-workers cat. Instead of wishing you could be at the gym, consider it extra cardio. Encourage big gifts, they’re extra lifting to tone those muscles this season. Just joking, but the point is, put the holidays to work for you.
Everyone giving you leftovers? Great – take as much of the lean meats and veggies as possible. Less cooking the next few days, giving you more time to workout. In fact, before the leftovers begin to pile up, get a jump on the season. Make sure you’re getting plenty of water, and build out your meals in the early part of the season so that you are ready for the high-calories that are offered later. You can also help your body tackle the fat with our Weight Loss Stack. Combo up our Multi-Vitamin, CLA 1000 and Thermo Igniter to attack fat deposits, boost your energy and provide your body with quality nutritional support.
By taking these steps to plan and prepare, we know you can Surpass the Ordinary this holiday season and stay on track with your fitness goals.

Get Ready for the Mid-USA Classic 2016

Bodybuilders are you ready? Are you prepped? Are you lean? If not, get to it because theMid-USA Classicqualifier event is coming to Kansas City, MO on October 15, 2016!
At Surpass Nutrition, we are ecstatic to be a sponsor of this exciting new event. After all, bodybuilding is a lot more than having just a great physique. It takes dedication, planning and intense training to compete. Size matters in bodybuilding, it isn’t just that you’ve lost weight and look good, but that you have worked hard to gain muscle mass through intensive workouts and a strict diet with quality foods and supplements to help you maintain both in a healthy way. GBO Missouri wants to pay homage to the hard work that competitors put into their prep by putting the “Athlete First".
Global Bodybuilding Organization (GBO) is the brainchild of Bob Johnson. A longtime promoter and bodybuilding enthusiast, Johnson launched GBO in 2015 for the purpose of putting the “Athlete First" in a friendly competition atmosphere. In a recent article, Joe Pietaro outlines Johnson’s years of experience on the national scene and his ability to bring in people with experience to create a new, sustainable organization. (
Less than a year after their launch, GBO has events scheduled across the nation. Missouri State Director Andre Botha has been working hard with local companies to make the Mid-USA Classic qualifier event a success. This GBO Pro Qualifier will feature five classes in both men’s and women’s divisions. On their website, they not only have entry information, but provide a list of resources for meal prep, tanning, photos, hair, and makeup to help you be at your best for the competition.
Our sponsorship of this GBO event is due to our shared value of putting the athlete first. At Surpass Nutrition, we are dedicated to developing supplements that help you reach your fitness goals, no matter what level of fitness you are, from first time status to global champion competitor. As bodybuilding enthusiasts ourselves, we have trained for and competed in several events ourselves, and we know what it takes to make a great showing.
We invite you to contact us with questions about competition and ask us how we can help you Surpass the Ordinary as you train to compete this season. We have several products that are designed specifically to improve muscle mass, burn fat and boost your energy. In addition, we have partners who can help you design meal plans and workouts to make sure you are at your best come show time. For more information about how Surpass Nutrition can help you, email us at
To join GBO Missouri or register for the Mid-USA Classic 2016, visit their website at Then look for our table at the event in Park Hill HS Auditorium, NW Barry Road, Kansas City, MO on Saturday, October 15. We look forward to seeing you Surpass the Ordinary!

Change Isn’t Easy, But Definitely Worth It

Change Isn’t Easy, But Definitely Worth It

Recently, we overhauled our website Rebuilding something is both an adventure and a heck of a lot of hard work. We knew the results we wanted: visually appealing, user friendly and a great e-commerce platform. However, knowing what you’d like to see and knowing how to get there are two different things.
The same applies to those who are interested in changing their fitness habits. It’s easy to picture a svelte new body but not as easy achieving it. Sometimes you question whether it is worth the hard work or not; but at Surpass Nutrition, we want to assure you that it is. Whatever your fitness level, the goals you have for yourself are worth working for.
Great tools exist to help you on your way, and social media can connect you with others on a similar journey. At Surpass Nutrition, we work with fitness experts, trainers, meal strategists, nutritionists, and mental health experts who are all focused on helping others reach their fitness goals. As a collective, they know that it takes dedication and focus to achieve your goals, a pursuit of excellence.
That same pursuit of excellence is what led us to start Surpass Nutrition. We wanted to provide people at all fitness levels the nutritional supplements they need to reach their goals. More than that, we wanted to provide them tools that were made with quality ingredients and did what the label says they would do. Products that work hard for you.
We can attest to the results that hard work produces. After weeks of work, updates and revisions, our new website launched with the results we had hoped for. Visually appealing, user friendly with a great e-commerce platform that makes it easier for our customers to get the products they need to get the results they want.
Be sure to check it out at and drop us a line about your fitness journey on any of our social media platforms. We care about your success, and we know that working together is one of the best ways to get things done.

The Man Behind the Brand

The Man Behind the Brand

Matt Floyd has always had a passion for physical fitness. He began weight lifting as a young man and as he pursued his body building goals, he began competing and winning awards for physique. As he explored the process required to compete, Matt met people training at a number of different levels. He quickly realized that people not focused on competition might be missing out on tools that would help them reach their fitness goals.
Supplements were a tool that excited Matt. His research into the subject impressed upon him their ability to enhance the body’s capability to build muscle, burn fat and provide fuel for the body. As in everything, Matt’s number one focus is always quality. As he researched, he discovered that many brands use unnecessary fillers or binding agents that offer no nutritional value or purpose. Because of this, Matt decided he wanted to create his own line of supplements with a focus on high-quality ingredients that would help individuals reach their personal health and goals, regardless of their fitness level.

From that, Surpass Nutrition was born. Surpass Nutrition takes extensive measures to help aid each of their clients’ success. They do in-depth research of every ingredient that goes into their products, to ensure that you are getting supplements that do what they claim to do. Surpass Nutrition offers a product line that is produced in the USA in a GMP facility. They work hard to make products that are a positive addition to your fitness regimen. Their staple item, ISO Lean is a pure whey protein that is put through an advanced micro-filter process, not once, but twice to make it one of the purest on the market. Recently, they introduced Tri Density, a special three-creatine blend that skips the loading phase to help build lean muscle fast.

Research and development is always ongoing at Surpass Nutrition. Matt’s clients include trainers, competitors and everyday fitness enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their daily routines. Recently Surpass Nutrition updated their website to make it even easier to get the supplements you need for your busy lifestyle. Visit them online today at to learn more about Matt and his team and how they develop products that help you Surpass the Ordinary.