Get Ready for the Mid-USA Classic 2016

Bodybuilders are you ready? Are you prepped? Are you lean? If not, get to it because theMid-USA Classicqualifier event is coming to Kansas City, MO on October 15, 2016!
At Surpass Nutrition, we are ecstatic to be a sponsor of this exciting new event. After all, bodybuilding is a lot more than having just a great physique. It takes dedication, planning and intense training to compete. Size matters in bodybuilding, it isn’t just that you’ve lost weight and look good, but that you have worked hard to gain muscle mass through intensive workouts and a strict diet with quality foods and supplements to help you maintain both in a healthy way. GBO Missouri wants to pay homage to the hard work that competitors put into their prep by putting the “Athlete First".
Global Bodybuilding Organization (GBO) is the brainchild of Bob Johnson. A longtime promoter and bodybuilding enthusiast, Johnson launched GBO in 2015 for the purpose of putting the “Athlete First" in a friendly competition atmosphere. In a recent article, Joe Pietaro outlines Johnson’s years of experience on the national scene and his ability to bring in people with experience to create a new, sustainable organization. (
Less than a year after their launch, GBO has events scheduled across the nation. Missouri State Director Andre Botha has been working hard with local companies to make the Mid-USA Classic qualifier event a success. This GBO Pro Qualifier will feature five classes in both men’s and women’s divisions. On their website, they not only have entry information, but provide a list of resources for meal prep, tanning, photos, hair, and makeup to help you be at your best for the competition.
Our sponsorship of this GBO event is due to our shared value of putting the athlete first. At Surpass Nutrition, we are dedicated to developing supplements that help you reach your fitness goals, no matter what level of fitness you are, from first time status to global champion competitor. As bodybuilding enthusiasts ourselves, we have trained for and competed in several events ourselves, and we know what it takes to make a great showing.
We invite you to contact us with questions about competition and ask us how we can help you Surpass the Ordinary as you train to compete this season. We have several products that are designed specifically to improve muscle mass, burn fat and boost your energy. In addition, we have partners who can help you design meal plans and workouts to make sure you are at your best come show time. For more information about how Surpass Nutrition can help you, email us at
To join GBO Missouri or register for the Mid-USA Classic 2016, visit their website at Then look for our table at the event in Park Hill HS Auditorium, NW Barry Road, Kansas City, MO on Saturday, October 15. We look forward to seeing you Surpass the Ordinary!