Give the Gift of Nutrition

It’s that time of year when our celebrations tend to include gift giving and making resolutions for the coming new year. Usually we are busy making lists of things to buy and things to do, mixed in with a dozen different social events. It gets a little crazy, and here at Surpass Nutrition, we understand.

This year has been a year of development and changes for our team. We updated our packaging, added new product to our lineup, refreshed our website and stepped up our social media presence. Our Customer Service Director, Krista Myers took her first bikini competition win this year. We’ve added some new associates and launched our first print campaign featuring our own Lisa Teresa. Not only that, but we’ve also put together a great group of stacks to help you meet your fitness goals.

Right now, with everyone focused on trying to stay healthy through the tempting holiday season, we’ve been working on helping our clients plan, prepare and Surpass the Ordinary with our Weight Loss Stack. This combo brings together three of our favorite products: Thermo Igniter, CLA 1000 and our MultiVitamin. By combining these products, you attack fat deposits, boost energy and get the additional nutritional support you need to meet your weight loss goals.

As you start thinking about the new year, and prepping for those 2017 competitions, we invite you to try our Muscle Stack. This combo was developed to help you build lean muscle mass, boost energy and handle post-workout repair and recovery. It brings together our special three-creatine blend Tri-Density that skips the loading phase to help you build lean muscle mass fast, while promoting strength and endurance. To provide additional nutritional support, we’ve combined it with our ISO Lean pure whey protein isolate and our MultiVitamins, which feature a proprietary blend of 42 fruits and vegetables.

The great thing about nutrition, is everyone is always looking to find what works. At Surpass Nutrition, our number one priority is quality. Our products are made in the USA in a GMP facility. We do not use unnecessary fillers, but instead focus on formulating our products to get real results. We hope you’ve seen the positive addition to your fitness regimen, and this season why not give that gift to others. How many of the friends and family on your shopping list have mentioned looking for ways to improve their health? Give them a boost this season with the gift of nutrition.

Check out everything Surpass Nutrition has to offer available online at We’ll have some great offers going on this month and be sure to check out our new shaker bottles, available online for the first time. No matter what your fitness goals are this coming year, at Surpass Nutrition, our goal is to help you Surpass the Ordinary now and into the future. §